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Corion    2016-08-24 08:14:59 UTC
Ah - likely the main hall is streamed...
marto    2016-08-24 08:14:46 UTC
the others are being recorded
marto    2016-08-24 08:14:35 UTC
according to the chat on the live stream only one room is being streamed at a time
Corion    2016-08-24 08:14:01 UTC
Huh - I had imagined that the talks would be recorded in addition to being broadcast...
marto    2016-08-24 08:08:25 UTC
ah yes, apparently they're all being recorded but only on live stream.
marto    2016-08-24 08:03:42 UTC
are they only streaming one talk?
Corion    2016-08-24 08:00:42 UTC
Corion watches a talk about how Debian maintains its Perl packages, interesting

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