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Lady_Aleena    2016-07-26 06:16:18 UTC
atcroft, feel free to test out all the cookies you want.
Lady_Aleena    2016-07-26 06:12:32 UTC
Okay, that is enough cookies for one day even for me.
Lady_Aleena    2016-07-26 05:57:17 UTC
atcroft, you got my creativity going, so you might want to check the new varieties.
atcroft    2016-07-26 05:51:26 UTC
atcroft    2016-07-26 05:51:00 UTC
Cookies, does that border on canibalism? :)
Cookies    2016-07-26 05:43:15 UTC
Cookies takes a cookie from the platter on the sideboard.
Lady_Aleena    2016-07-26 05:40:30 UTC
Lady_Aleena gets a tall glass of milk to dunk cookies.
Lady_Aleena    2016-07-26 05:39:57 UTC
And credit is now given.
atcroft    2016-07-26 05:39:00 UTC
.oO(Nom. Nom. Nom. :) )
atcroft    2016-07-26 05:38:42 UTC
(And yes, I'm torn between the Oreo and the M&M cookies.... ;) )
Lady_Aleena    2016-07-26 05:38:24 UTC
atcroft, your cookies are ready..
atcroft    2016-07-26 05:37:59 UTC
atcroft adds M&M™ cookies to the platter on the sideboard.
atcroft    2016-07-26 05:36:57 UTC
.oO(At least maybe it will stay away from the gallows this time... :) )
atcroft    2016-07-26 05:35:53 UTC
.oO(I'm awake to support a maintenance window for our customer, after being awake all day, so my humor may get... pain^H^H^H^H^H interesting... :) )
atcroft    2016-07-26 05:34:57 UTC
No, but thank you for considering that one. :)
Lady_Aleena    2016-07-26 05:32:31 UTC
Any other requests?
atcroft    2016-07-26 05:26:15 UTC
Cool! :)
Lady_Aleena    2016-07-26 05:21:48 UTC
I could put M&M cookies on cookies, since I already have Oreos on there.

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