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deMize    2014-09-30 17:47:57 UTC
Regardless, thanks for the help
thezip    2014-09-30 17:47:46 UTC
"No! It's *waaah*. Try again!"
LanX    2014-09-30 17:47:35 UTC
"ch" is really tough for most people, it's a softened "g" halfway to be mute
deMize    2014-09-30 17:47:32 UTC
SoPW = formal question
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:46:53 UTC
Some of them actually got into the role and would decorate the cans. :-)
LanX    2014-09-30 17:46:48 UTC
"keit" is pronounced "kait" (think Einstein or Frankenstein ... Igor ;)
Your Mother    2014-09-30 17:46:40 UTC
LanX++, my new language/accent coach.
thezip    2014-09-30 17:46:16 UTC
I can make my trumpet sound like a horse. That would probably get their attention too
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:46:08 UTC
I have seen that model as well. Garbage can unit on wheels with shovels and push brooms.
LanX    2014-09-30 17:45:34 UTC
actually pronouncing ü can be learned very quickly, say "ee" but form an "u" with your lips
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:45:27 UTC
thezip    2014-09-30 17:45:07 UTC
In the rose Parade, they have folks who follow along with the horses to remove any excrement
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:45:05 UTC
West Allis had street sweepers go through right after the horses. That was nice.
Your Mother    2014-09-30 17:44:59 UTC
Nothing horses like better than unexpected squealing sounds from behind at 130dB.
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:44:03 UTC
Some parades saved them for the end, others didn't. :-)
thezip    2014-09-30 17:43:46 UTC
I was very happy about that
thezip    2014-09-30 17:43:05 UTC
When I marched in the military drum and bugle corps, we never had horses in front of us.
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:43:03 UTC
Could always tell when someone was about to step in one. The crowd would start saying things like gonna step in it, and then there would be a big 'Ewwww' to go along with it.
LanX    2014-09-30 17:42:28 UTC
erix: trasncription is the problem, Yiddish used to be written in Hebrew letters w/o vowels and being dispersed over most of Eastern Europe produced plenty of dialects/accents
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:42:03 UTC
Yeah. That is a name I heard. We weren't allowed to change our step while marching, so I learned many tricks to remove stains from shoes. *ewww*
thezip    2014-09-30 17:40:47 UTC
MLX, we called them "road apples"
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:40:25 UTC
MidLifeXis groans.
erix    2014-09-30 17:40:08 UTC
LanX not with google
Corion    2014-09-30 17:39:19 UTC
They're making a movie out of Tetris. I'm sure it'll be a real blockbuster!
LanX    2014-09-30 17:39:06 UTC
LanX is pretty sure you can find something like "Gemitlishkait" in Yiddish too
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:38:59 UTC
MidLifeXis hands thezip a trombone to play while there.
thezip    2014-09-30 17:37:00 UTC
thezip prepares to jump on a bandwagon... Siri?
Your Mother    2014-09-30 17:36:32 UTC
An SoPW might be warranted for full description, rationale, and suggestions.
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:35:39 UTC
I agree with YM on this one deMize. I don't see anything from your description that would be convincing enough to move me from the "you're doing it wrong" camp.
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:34:25 UTC
And yeah, like putting opening instructions inside the container seems to be a good analogy.
Your Mother    2014-09-30 17:33:29 UTC
deMize: it's certainly possible I didn't follow and I've been known to be wrong but the solutions you were entertaining were crazy talk whether they can be forced to work (on some browsers) or not.
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:32:55 UTC
According to, the default should be "Content-type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii". Trying to force the type with a meta tag is interesting.
deMize    2014-09-30 17:32:02 UTC
But for something more in-depth, I'd create a formal question and not pose it to CB
tye    2014-09-30 17:31:51 UTC
Like sealing the "how to open container" instructions inside the container.
Your Mother    2014-09-30 17:31:50 UTC
Older versions of IE ignored the header over content sniffing heuristics. Not sure about new.
tye    2014-09-30 17:31:19 UTC
I just love using an HTML tag to inform me that I have HTML and so should look for an HTML tag informing of what I have.
deMize    2014-09-30 17:31:17 UTC
"better" practices. Which leaves me to believe you still have a poor understanding of the question, which I suppose I'm to blame.
deMize    2014-09-30 17:30:42 UTC
Your Mother The information I gave in the first request should have been reasonable to understand the issue. If you read my further comments, people were suggesting solutions, which I had already said I was trying to avoid. So I already considered
choroba    2014-09-30 17:30:18 UTC
choroba heads home
Corion    2014-09-30 17:30:00 UTC
tye: Personally, I don't see harm in providing both, but I'd prefer the Content-Type: header over content in the HTML
Your Mother    2014-09-30 17:29:28 UTC
Say, Cheese!
tye    2014-09-30 17:29:24 UTC
many such HTTP responses can be found for sites hosted by
erix    2014-09-30 17:29:10 UTC
ah, Gemütlichkeit days, Wisconsin (sorry, I'm a bit slow ... :))
tye    2014-09-30 17:28:33 UTC
Content-Type: is not required. But I'm not required to understand the response in such a case either.
Corion    2014-09-30 17:27:49 UTC
tye: Does the page also include a <meta http-equiv="Status" content="500"> tag to communicate the real status? :-)
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:27:45 UTC
I didn't think it was required. /me scurries off to check the RFC.
ambrus    2014-09-30 17:27:05 UTC
(or maybe not. I dunno.)
Your Mother    2014-09-30 17:26:48 UTC
My opinion seems to be unsupported in this typeface… 👎 (&#x1f44e;)
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:26:31 UTC
ambrus    2014-09-30 17:26:26 UTC
tye: um, you do need at least a content-type header saying text/html
erix    2014-09-30 17:25:38 UTC
pronounce what, MLX?
tye    2014-09-30 17:25:36 UTC
so, any opinions on a web site sending no Content-Type: header but including <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:24:57 UTC
and I still cannot pronounce it properly. My tongue ends up in some knottish form.
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:24:27 UTC
My HS marching band participated in the Jefferson parade every year. People would bet on where horses would, erm, decorate the pavement.
Your Mother    2014-09-30 17:19:13 UTC
I like the meaning. The word is a little hard for my post Anglo Saxon tongue.
erix    2014-09-30 17:18:09 UTC
(only translatable into spanish, apparently)
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:16:49 UTC
Would you prefer German? Gemütlichkeit.
thezip    2014-09-30 17:08:39 UTC
thezip is skiddish about speaking Yiddish
Your Mother    2014-09-30 17:08:17 UTC
Sí, prego.
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 17:08:10 UTC
.oO( it makes me verklempt )
erix    2014-09-30 17:07:47 UTC
I learned a new word, grazie
Your Mother    2014-09-30 17:07:05 UTC
Your Mother is not actually Yiddish but likes Yiddish words.
Your Mother    2014-09-30 17:06:44 UTC
erix    2014-09-30 17:06:30 UTC
"This is my mothers word" :)
erix    2014-09-30 17:05:54 UTC
Your Mother    2014-09-30 17:04:57 UTC
What MLX suggested sounded pretty reasonable.
Your Mother    2014-09-30 17:04:10 UTC
Not to be a Noodge, and without all the info, but so far what you describe sounds like worst practice coding.
deMize    2014-09-30 17:01:09 UTC
some (not all)
deMize    2014-09-30 17:01:00 UTC
to redirect with certain values, but strip some of those from the URL
ambrus    2014-09-30 17:00:44 UTC
use a redirect loop!
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 16:59:56 UTC
I would think that a single should be sufficient.
ambrus    2014-09-30 16:59:08 UTC
why would you need a double redirect? or what's the original question?
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 16:58:45 UTC
expensive <== probably more on the time axis than on the $$ axis.
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 16:58:07 UTC
You end up having a round trip (which if this is for mobile may be expensive) for every redirect, just so you are aware.
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 16:56:23 UTC
You could have something like present the form, fooStuff/123/something be the target of your POST, which then redirects back to fooStuff/123/, showing the new state of the object.
Your Mother    2014-09-30 16:56:05 UTC
I think you need to stop the crazy talk. :P
deMize    2014-09-30 16:56:04 UTC
But I'm going to evaluate and see if there's a simpler solution
deMize    2014-09-30 16:55:38 UTC
I think what I need is a double-redirect
Your Mother    2014-09-30 16:54:20 UTC
Only for choroba. His rhyming dictionary must be stopped at any cost.
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 16:53:13 UTC
Or aren't we down with 'Y's today?
MidLifeXis    2014-09-30 16:52:32 UTC
Thanks, our Mother. I thought I remembered seeing a code that would allow it, just not typically recommended.

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