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Corion    2015-05-28 11:37:54 UTC
(the downside is that unless the UPS driver comes in the evening, I won't get my shiny new toy today, but tomorrow...)
Corion    2015-05-28 11:37:06 UTC
Corion shakes his fist at UPS. Don't make me "create an account" if you want me to tell you when it's a good time to deliver my goods to me.
ambrus    2015-05-28 11:36:07 UTC
that can happen in minutes or several days
ambrus    2015-05-28 11:35:56 UTC
Corion: that depends on how quickly you notice it's stolen
Corion    2015-05-28 11:34:58 UTC
marto: I think the window is now less than two hours for buying with the stolen card ;-)
marto    2015-05-28 11:33:50 UTC
That was around 3 years ago now. I'd hope things have improved, perhaps not.
marto    2015-05-28 11:32:49 UTC
credit card/ID theft works well for 'store cards'. A friend had his wallet stolen. Nothing was taken from debit or credit card, but ~Ł5K woth of items were purchaced on a new 'store card', within < 2 hours.
ambrus    2015-05-28 11:30:55 UTC
marto: sure
marto    2015-05-28 11:30:23 UTC
ambrus most credit card issuers in the UK block suspicious transactions automatically. I've had legitimate purchaces with what you'd expect to be reasonable vendors blocked, even though I told them in advance I was going to make the transaction
ambrus    2015-05-28 11:29:24 UTC
for the credit card owner that is. for the shop it does help.
ambrus    2015-05-28 11:29:07 UTC
it doesn't matter that they can't pay at _your_ particular shop
ambrus    2015-05-28 11:28:30 UTC
marto: sure, but the people who specialize on stealing credit cards know where to pay with them safely.
marto    2015-05-28 11:26:33 UTC
the point being with apple pay, you can swipe it in a shop, paying for whatever, and walk away.
marto    2015-05-28 11:25:54 UTC
ambrus most places here question card + sign, since chip & pin was introduced. Certainly any place with high value items
ambrus    2015-05-28 11:25:22 UTC
mostly because of history and hard to change.
ambrus    2015-05-28 11:25:10 UTC
sure, it's a somewhat stupid system.
ambrus    2015-05-28 11:24:51 UTC
that's why you check your list of transactions, and cancel the card if there's anything you didn't initiate, plus also cancel if you notice the physical card is lost.
ambrus    2015-05-28 11:24:06 UTC
marto: credit cards can be used without the pin too
ambrus    2015-05-28 11:23:44 UTC
or copy its number, which is just 16 digit of which the first 6 is predictable and the last 4 is on receipts so they have to read only like 10 digits, possibly over multiple transactions when you pay with it in a shop.
marto    2015-05-28 11:23:26 UTC
ambrus, here it can't be used without the pin (chip & pin).
ambrus    2015-05-28 11:22:44 UTC
marto: well duh, they can just steal your credit card from your pocket as well.
marto    2015-05-28 11:20:13 UTC
being able to trick the heart rate monitor, I accept that, but "The Watch doesn’t check to make sure the phone is still around before yielding its token to the payment terminal."
marto    2015-05-28 11:19:26 UTC
this seems very strange to me

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