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erix    2014-10-22 22:10:35 UTC
it's a perfectly reasonable article, I agree
tye    2014-10-22 22:05:17 UTC
weird impression to get from that article
erix    2014-10-22 22:03:50 UTC
ah yes, haven't heard of them for a bit -- they must be up to something :)
GotToBTru    2014-10-22 22:02:50 UTC
ah well. if all else fails. blame the Trilateral Commission
erix    2014-10-22 21:54:42 UTC
I don't know; he doesn't sound conspirational to me
GotToBTru    2014-10-22 21:53:00 UTC
so it's not the Jews behind everything but the Arabs .. who knew?
GotToBTru    2014-10-22 21:52:14 UTC
erix    2014-10-22 21:48:20 UTC
more interesting geopolitical considerations

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