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GotToBTru    2015-03-30 14:07:16 UTC
But what are magic rings for? (other than avoiding unpleasant relatives)
choroba    2015-03-30 14:06:52 UTC
111 is the first three digit number in a truly decimal system (right after ▽▽ or tenty ten)
atcroft    2015-03-30 14:06:33 UTC
GotToBTru: No skipping out on the party (and the bill), then.
GotToBTru    2015-03-30 14:02:08 UTC
eleventy-one! strange, I hve this urge to throw a party all of a sudden
GotToBTru    2015-03-30 14:01:37 UTC
"You have 111 points until level 14 - Priest"
jdporter    2015-03-30 13:43:11 UTC
jdporter was recently committed, in a fairly heavy-handed way, for the sin of not knowing much about the locale.

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