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MidLifeXis    2015-08-31 15:12:27 UTC
That's what coffee is for.
choroba    2015-08-31 15:11:27 UTC
So, I hack my CPAN contributions instead of sleeping at nights...
choroba    2015-08-31 15:10:39 UTC
We can't easily contribute to open source from here.
MidLifeXis    2015-08-31 15:10:35 UTC
We are funny that way. I can get bug reports / fixes to the outside, but no original code, at least on company time / company equipment.
talexb    2015-08-31 15:08:52 UTC
True. How about 'Add some modules to CPAN'?
MidLifeXis    2015-08-31 15:04:07 UTC
Probably could, just wouldn't be recommended.
MidLifeXis    2015-08-31 15:02:40 UTC
choroba    2015-08-31 15:01:39 UTC
That's exactly the kind of a goal I can't enter into the system :)
talexb    2015-08-31 14:58:50 UTC
My goal right now is to get a job.
MidLifeXis    2015-08-31 14:58:35 UTC
(that is in general as well, not just here or with this goals system)
MidLifeXis    2015-08-31 14:58:05 UTC
Sometimes I have to wonder if the platform used for some systems adds enough harm to the system to make the data within worthless, because noone wants to keep the data up to date because of how painful it is to use.
MidLifeXis    2015-08-31 14:56:08 UTC
I wouldn't have too much of an issue with them, except for the system bottleneck. I could even see using it to track some top-level stuff throughout the year, except that it is a pig to use.
choroba    2015-08-31 14:53:52 UTC
Now, we have "trainings".
choroba    2015-08-31 14:53:27 UTC
We did goals few weeks ago.
choroba    2015-08-31 14:53:01 UTC
MidLifeXis: Finally a difference in our work environments!
MidLifeXis    2015-08-31 14:50:36 UTC
Goals time. The time every year when all work ceases and everyone fights to see who can overload the goals system enough to cause it to crash.
erix    2015-08-31 14:18:23 UTC
codes in a programming context

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