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Voronich    2014-07-29 20:50:27 UTC
Fortunately, $mgr will, upon understanding an explanation laugh through a round of "well why didn't you say that in the first place?"
Voronich    2014-07-29 20:47:07 UTC
(and yes, I had another when I got back.)
Voronich    2014-07-29 20:46:48 UTC
Nobody believes me. They think my it's a figment of my bombastitude.
thezip    2014-07-29 20:46:09 UTC
Better make your's a double, huh?
thezip    2014-07-29 20:45:44 UTC
V, you are in hell.
Voronich    2014-07-29 20:45:30 UTC
"can you come in and explain it to me?" ... "I'll bring shots" ..." No no, I don't need.....*gulp* thanks V."
Voronich    2014-07-29 20:44:56 UTC
"So, wait... what's this pivot table?" ... " exactly what you asked for " ... "but why doesn't it match last week's summary" ... "because they're not the same data. why would they match?"
SuicideJunkie    2014-07-29 20:28:56 UTC
C#: Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string, dataCollectionSummaryRow>>>>> dataCollectionSummary = ... ... man I really miss autovivification and type freedom.
thezip    2014-07-29 20:24:00 UTC
I think Bill should buy the Lakers
jellisii2    2014-07-29 20:22:59 UTC
dumping THAT much stock at one point would probably trigger some sort of event. If nothing else, tank the stock price.
thezip    2014-07-29 20:22:26 UTC
... but that's probably why he's a multi-billionaire and I'm not
thezip    2014-07-29 20:21:31 UTC
If I were him I would have gotten out a long time ago
jellisii2    2014-07-29 20:20:53 UTC
Voronich    2014-07-29 20:19:16 UTC
The lack of years in that date column had me thinking something really alarming was going on. Weird that it doesn't show up anywhere on that table. Bad design methinks.
jellisii2    2014-07-29 20:16:33 UTC
A large number, granted, but Bill's a busy man. Nothing like burning capital on something you're really interested in, particularly if you have a bunch of it. :D
Voronich    2014-07-29 20:15:28 UTC
yeah, that's 6 years. #derp
jellisii2    2014-07-29 20:14:14 UTC
I was about to say...
Voronich    2014-07-29 20:13:51 UTC
That's not one year.
Voronich    2014-07-29 20:13:48 UTC
Wait. i'm an idiot.
Voronich    2014-07-29 20:13:44 UTC
If you look at "shares total" it was 831 million in may and is down to 313 now.
Voronich    2014-07-29 20:12:45 UTC
That's one of those line items.
jellisii2    2014-07-29 20:12:27 UTC
specifically table 1-5
jellisii2    2014-07-29 20:12:01 UTC
Voronich    2014-07-29 20:11:55 UTC
sold about 500 million shares since may.
Voronich    2014-07-29 20:11:40 UTC
I don't know. I didn't dig any deeper. That's easily my favorite research site though. That information is probably only a couple clicks away.
jellisii2    2014-07-29 20:11:26 UTC
They way I'm reading that is that it's still a VERY small number of his total? 4 million sold and still has 313million?
Voronich    2014-07-29 20:11:02 UTC
I figure he's just got plans for the cash. But yeah, that's part of my read too.
Hermano23    2014-07-29 20:10:26 UTC
Is he still the majority shareholder then?
jellisii2    2014-07-29 20:10:23 UTC
Because newguy is moving to not being so MS focused is my understanding.
jellisii2    2014-07-29 20:10:04 UTC
Perhaps he has no confidence in the new direction.
Voronich    2014-07-29 20:09:19 UTC
That 300+ million shares remaining may be only common stock. I suppose he might have other equity. But that's a lot of selling in a short period of time.
Voronich    2014-07-29 20:08:28 UTC
Most of his equity stake since may of this year, to the tune of over $14 billion.
Hermano23    2014-07-29 20:07:20 UTC
And by "pretend" I mean accept the harsh reality.
Hermano23    2014-07-29 20:06:53 UTC
Let's pretend I don't understand finances at all. What is that saying, Bill's selling off a lot of extra stock?
Voronich    2014-07-29 20:04:02 UTC
well isn't that interesting.

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