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LanX    2014-11-24 11:52:23 UTC
if your teacher is British ask where his/her poppy is ...
LanX    2014-11-24 11:50:54 UTC
have fun!
choroba    2014-11-24 11:50:28 UTC
choroba leaves really.
choroba    2014-11-24 11:50:14 UTC
Yes, it makes an interesting mixture :)
LanX    2014-11-24 11:48:28 UTC
... maybe you are underestimating old KuK traditions ;)
choroba    2014-11-24 11:45:21 UTC
Our commies were the most loyal ones
choroba    2014-11-24 11:44:46 UTC
Well, in some respects, yes
LanX    2014-11-24 11:44:31 UTC
choroba    2014-11-24 11:44:26 UTC
choroba wanders off to an English lesson
LanX    2014-11-24 11:44:23 UTC
do you count Czech rep. to Ex-Sowjet?
choroba    2014-11-24 11:43:17 UTC
Yeah, most people here think it's OK like that
LanX    2014-11-24 11:41:11 UTC
depends where in Italy and ex Sowjet countries are far worse
marto    2014-11-24 11:39:52 UTC
From friend who live/work there Italy seems fairly openly corrupt to the core. It does not surprise me that turning to the mafia is the only way to get some things done :P
LanX    2014-11-24 11:39:03 UTC
needles to mention: Berlusconi and Putin are good friends ...
Discipulus    2014-11-24 11:34:53 UTC
not suitable for Berlusconi's era: which mafia? it is a political party
marto    2014-11-24 11:32:49 UTC
marto grins
LanX    2014-11-24 11:32:20 UTC
... he said: Which mafia? There is no mafia anymore, the government nationalized their business long ago!"
LanX    2014-11-24 11:31:04 UTC
marto: reminds me to a German-Russian comedian who was asked about the Mafia problem in Russia ...
Discipulus    2014-11-24 11:30:20 UTC
ie: sAme output
Discipulus    2014-11-24 11:28:35 UTC
some output after set the env key
LanX    2014-11-24 11:27:26 UTC
Discipulus: what?
Discipulus    2014-11-24 11:25:56 UTC
no hope with env set
marto    2014-11-24 11:25:52 UTC
LanX, it's been here for years, under government control ;)
LanX    2014-11-24 11:24:16 UTC
LanX SkyNet is coming
marto    2014-11-24 11:23:00 UTC
perl -MTerm::ReadLine::readline -e "print qq(EXISTS!\n) if exists &readline::rl_basic_commands", retruns nothing for me. Strawberry v5.20
choroba    2014-11-24 11:22:55 UTC
Regin - IT in the news again
LanX    2014-11-24 11:22:19 UTC
so maybe set $ENV{PERL_RL} before using T::RL ?
Discipulus    2014-11-24 11:21:18 UTC
yes, may be better, thanks a lot LanX, for the patience
Discipulus    2014-11-24 11:20:44 UTC
no %ENV key with such names
LanX    2014-11-24 11:20:43 UTC
Discipulus    2014-11-24 11:20:06 UTC
but i have no output with perl -MTerm::ReadLine::readline -e "print qq(EXISTS!\n) if exists &readline::rl_basic_commands" and i do not understand if i can write a program using that sub
LanX    2014-11-24 11:19:08 UTC
did you check PERL_RL ?
LanX    2014-11-24 11:18:35 UTC
so what?
Discipulus    2014-11-24 11:17:01 UTC
Discipulus    2014-11-24 11:16:52 UTC
i'm trying on strawberry perl installation, LanX
LanX    2014-11-24 11:16:26 UTC
Discipulus    2014-11-24 11:15:21 UTC
Perl and readline
LanX    2014-11-24 11:12:44 UTC
which Term::ReadLine::* packages are installed?
Discipulus    2014-11-24 11:11:49 UTC
i'm a bit puzzled
LanX    2014-11-24 11:10:10 UTC
LanX    2014-11-24 11:08:48 UTC
The environment variable PERL_RL governs which ReadLine clone is loaded. ... troublesome concept
Discipulus    2014-11-24 11:08:36 UTC
..but succesfully use the sub in a program
Discipulus    2014-11-24 11:07:49 UTC
ops.. no
LanX    2014-11-24 11:06:20 UTC
did you install T::RL::Perl?
Discipulus    2014-11-24 11:05:30 UTC
but i have no output with perl -MTerm::ReadLine::readline -e "print qq(EXISTS!\n) if exists &readline::rl_basic_commands"
LanX    2014-11-24 11:04:45 UTC
so doesn't this answer your question?
Discipulus    2014-11-24 11:04:07 UTC
LanX    2014-11-24 11:02:35 UTC
Discipulus where is rl_basic_commands documented?
Discipulus    2014-11-24 11:00:47 UTC
so i cant rely on existence of readline::rl_basic_commands?
LanX    2014-11-24 10:59:25 UTC

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