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CountZero    2014-11-25 20:21:07 UTC
GotToBTru    2014-11-25 20:16:08 UTC
Discipulus    2014-11-25 20:15:39 UTC
hi monks
LanX    2014-11-25 19:34:00 UTC
LanX .oO( took God a while to send Thatcher over them...)
GotToBTru    2014-11-25 19:32:07 UTC
used to hear them testfire the guns of F-15s at the factory, a very distinctive sound
erix    2014-11-25 19:32:04 UTC
on same track again LanX :)
erix    2014-11-25 19:31:35 UTC
erix reads on wikipedia that 'strafing' derives from the WW-1 phrase: "Gott strafe England" (german, also dutch: 'punish')
LanX    2014-11-25 19:31:29 UTC
"strafing" weird linguistic import
thezip    2014-11-25 19:30:48 UTC
One of my daily tasks, with coordination from the tower (obviously), was to replace damaged transducers that the hot-shot pilots had blown to smithereens.

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