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jellisii2    2014-10-24 11:47:04 UTC
If it's for production, you have my sympathies. I finally retired my 10 year old VM host this year.
Discipulus    2014-10-24 11:45:46 UTC
Discipulus is making a frankestein system using only 13 yo hardware..
jellisii2    2014-10-24 11:42:27 UTC
well... in their defense, they're better than Air Traffic Control...
Loops    2014-10-24 11:42:04 UTC
if you believe this site
ambrus    2014-10-24 11:41:24 UTC
you mean like banks who don't want to use modern computer hardware they have to replace every 10 years?
Loops    2014-10-24 11:39:39 UTC
There are still some biz that are hobbling along on old hardware. Prices for the old hardware are very low.
jellisii2    2014-10-24 11:39:29 UTC
Because L1 is so different/depricated?
marto    2014-10-24 11:38:34 UTC
some industrial places are still VAX driven. Emulators don't talk to existing hardware systems at powerstations for example
jellisii2    2014-10-24 11:36:30 UTC
THen what's the value of Vax hardware outside of collector-space.. unless the collector market for such things is particularly lucrative?
Loops    2014-10-24 11:32:48 UTC
There are several Vax emulators, from Cloud based to the Pi
jellisii2    2014-10-24 11:29:26 UTC
similar to what Transmeta used to do...
jellisii2    2014-10-24 11:28:56 UTC
I would hope someone would have already worked out all the parameters to emulate vax on x86...
jellisii2    2014-10-24 11:27:06 UTC
Discipulus    2014-10-24 11:21:01 UTC
Discipulus is cooling-warming-cooling inside a ced..
marto    2014-10-24 10:59:07 UTC
yeah, plus it'll take up less room :P

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