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GotToBTru    2016-10-21 12:53:14 UTC
cache or carry?
hippo    2016-10-21 12:52:18 UTC
hippo saunters off to check the caches.
hippo    2016-10-21 12:51:29 UTC
Come the revolution ...
hippo    2016-10-21 12:51:11 UTC
DNS as with anything technically sound is susceptible to marketroids insisting upon bad practice.
Corion    2016-10-21 12:50:24 UTC
DynDNS status
Corion    2016-10-21 12:47:42 UTC
I always thought of DNS as a good hierarchical network cache, but it seems that people have set up their TTLs so bad that it's simply a recursive query nowadays
Solo    2016-10-21 12:44:36 UTC
@Corion good info thx
Corion    2016-10-21 12:44:28 UTC
I just wonder why there is that much of an effect - maybe too many people set their TTLs to 5 minutes?
jellisii2    2016-10-21 12:43:30 UTC
ouch... they provide QUITE a bit of it too...
Corion    2016-10-21 12:43:07 UTC
It seems that DynDNS has a major (DDoS) outage, and some other DNS providers too, but it seems to mostly affect North America
hippo    2016-10-21 12:42:04 UTC
Fine here too.
Solo    2016-10-21 12:34:50 UTC
jellisii2    2016-10-21 12:34:08 UTC
I may be cached... dunno
jellisii2    2016-10-21 12:33:33 UTC
eellis@eellis-ThinkPad-T560:~/code/php/mailtool/app$ host has address has address mail is handled by 20
GotToBTru    2016-10-21 12:33:24 UTC
looks like it
Solo    2016-10-21 12:32:42 UTC
dns lookup failing for ... just me?

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